Tango dancing is a unique and passionate way to experience the city of Montreal. Whether you're an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, there are plenty of compelling reasons why you should give tango a try. From its rich cultural history, vibrant music and passionate movements to its contribution to our well-being, get ready to explore the delightful world of tango in Montreal!

Learn to Share Your Passion Through Dance.

Tango is a way of sharing your energy, your feelings, and your passions with your partner. It's about communication – learning to give and take, and discovering how to express yourself through movement. In tango, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a deep connection and intimacy that transcends all barriers. You’ll learn to speak without words and connect on a deep level with someone who is equally passionate about the dance.

The best way to learn tango is to find a teacher who can help you understand the fundamentals, but also give you an opportunity to practice and make mistakes. In Montreal, there is no shortage of great places to learn to dance – you’ll find classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. You can take group class or private lessons. Tango communities in Montreal also often hold milongas (tango socials) so that you can show off your new moves and meet other like-minded dancers. Experiencing tango in this city will bring passion and joy into your life.

Montreal is proud to have Hernan Lazart, an internationally renowned tango expert and Broadway star sharing his legacy to all of us. With 27 years of experience in Argentine social and stage tango, he is the one to consider if you want to get introduced to tango or want to go to the next level.

Go a step further in Argentine Tango

Milongas and Practicas around Montreal

Tango dancing has been a popular activity in Montreal for many years. With its passionate and intimate movements, it is not hard to see why many have fallen in love with this stylish Argentine dance. Although the popularity of tango has come and gone over time, there remains a vibrant tango community in Montreal that meets regularly in various venues around the city to practice their moves and enjoy the company of fellow dancers.

The Mysterious Origins of the Argentine Tango

The Argentine Tango is believed to have originated in the late 19th century in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was created as a combination of two different dance styles from Europe, African rhythms and influence from the working-class culture of Argentina. It is traditionally danced in a very close embrace and it is said to express an improvised, passionate dialogue between two people.

The Many Benefits of Tango

Some studies have revealed that tango improves our quality of life in different aspects:

  1. Physical exercise
  2. Social satisfaction
  3. Spirituality
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Cognition
  6. Meaningfulness
  7. Emotional health

Let’s dive in and explore how tango can contribute to our well-being!

Physical exercise

Tango dancing is a physical activity that improves cardiovascular capacity, builds muscle strength and tone, develops flexibility, and increases mobility. Different movements are involved in tango, such as turning, initiating movement, shifting, and reversing. With enough practice, we will be able to control our bodies better, which enhances balance, coordination, range of movement, and posture. Dancing tango is a great way to keep physically active and fit, since it is accompanied by a strong musical rhythm that invites us to keep moving.

Social Satisfaction

Tango is also a form of communication, a means for expression. The saying "it takes two to tango" conveys the idea that two people are involved in the dance and there needs to be a common understanding and connectedness between them. Even though we can rehearse the steps alone at home, mastering this art depends upon gathering in groups or in couples. Milongas offer a great opportunity to not only practice the moves but also to socialize and meet new people. Dancing tango improves our social life, as it expands our social circle and allows us to interact with others.

Spirituality and Mindfulness

When dancing tango, our state of mind is important. We need to be present and focused on our movements. As we said earlier, tango is also a form of communication in which we express ourselves through our bodies. We need to be aware of our body and in mindful control of it. While dancing tango, we can put our troubles away and relax.


Like any other new activity, tango dancing requires learning new skills. Learning and recalling the steps improves our memory and helps to create new neural pathways. Tango also involves multitasking: navigating the dance floor, maintaining rhythm, going along with the music, and being in synchrony with one’s partner, among others. This dance also promotes creativity through the improvised movements, which keeps our minds alert.

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Usually, we engage in an activity with a goal in mind. In the case of dancing tango, it might be to do something new, to keep physically active, or to meet new people. Whatever objective draws us to dancing tango, we are sure to attain them and have lots of fun in the process.

Emotional Health

We know that physical activity releases endorphins, which contribute to our mental health. Nevertheless, the benefits of tango to our mental health go beyond that. Some studies show that dancing tango decreases the symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduces our stress levels, and helps us to relax. Tango promotes self-esteem, confidence, a positive body image, and social interactions while providing a chance to enjoy ourselves and connect with others.

It is undeniable that tango provides opportunities to enjoy music and dancing. With its characteristic steps and improvisational style, it has the ability to improve our quality of life in various aspects while providing the perfect space to enjoy ourselves and have fun. How can we stay still when surrounded by tango’s characteristic rhythm and the enchanting sound of the bandoneon? How can we resist tango’s appeal while looking at the dancers’ costumes, movements, and expressions?

Now that we also know more of its benefits, join in and experience all that tango has to offer!

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