TANGO SHOW has been spreading the culture of Argentine Tango across Canada and on an international basis since 2017, bringing together a team of exceptional Argentinean and Canadian artists under the creative direction of Broadway star Hernan Lazart. Not only does his unmistakable artistry bring truthfully authentic shows to life, it also allows for captivating new interpretations of this intimate and powerful dance. Their artistry speaks loudly and clearly—audiences all over can't help but feel moved by their unique performances.


Hernan Lazart

Hernan is a deeply passionate dancer with a long and impressive lineage of argentine tango in his family. Beginning his training in the renowned dance style at just 10 years old, Hernan has since dedicated himself to developing his craft and has acquired over 26 years of experience both in social and stage dancing. He is now an internationally acclaimed dancer, famous for performing on Broadway, as well as being the co-founder and artistic director of Tango Show. For the past few years Hernan has resided in Montreal, where he continues to wow audiences with his graceful Argentine tango performances as well as his teaching activities.

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Hernan has enjoyed a distinguished career in the argentine tango scene. Coming from a traditional tango family, he was immersed in this rich culture from a young age and began his studies with renowned masters at the tender age of ten during the nineties. Nowadays, Hernan is often seen taking the stage both as a teacher and participant in international festivals. Moreover, it is not uncommon to find him sharing those prestigious stages with some of argentine tango's most revered figures such as Maria Graña, Abel Córdoba, Victor Lavallén and Carlos Niesi. Furthermore, given his dexterous skill and sophistication, it comes as no surprise that Hernan finds himself graced by the presence of international luminaries of Latin POP music including Luis Fonsi, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Luis Enrique.

He choreographs and dances in the most prestigious productions including Piazzolla Tango and Forever Tango. He traveled the world and in 2013 became a Broadway Star, receiving excellent reviews from the American press. He participated as a dancer in the film B-AIRES directed by Marcelo Paez Cubells, a film which appeared on the big screen in Argentina in 2015. Living in Montreal since 2016, Hernan runs his studio where he transmits his Argentine tango culture and continually receives star dancers from Buenos Aires for his multiple projects. Co-founder of Productions Tango Show in 2017, he acts as artistic director. Hernan Lazart is a proud RQD member as a teacher, choreographer and performer.

Marina Mauri

Marina was born into a life that oozed argentine Tango. From her childhood in Buenos Aires, she had the haunting melodies of Piazzolla at her mother's art exhibitions. But she also had ambitions - having trained as an engineer from the École Polytechnique de Montréal, Marina is a passionate entrepreneur who decided to combine both worlds. Co-founding the tango school in 2011 and later, Productions Tango Show in 2017, Marina lent an elegant touch to her dream of promoting argentine Tango far and wide.

Tango Show has its head office in the heart of Old Montreal, in Québec - Canada. Contact us for more information.