Hernan teach people how to dance  💃🏻  Argentine Tango from beginner to master level so they can shine from inside to outside. Let's learn Tango in Spanish, English or even French!

Dance class in Montreal

Dance classes are given in person in Montreal downtown-Old Port or online all around the world.

Private lessons

During your private lesson, Hernan will help you to further your tango skills and build confidence in your movements. With his entire attention, he will really hone in on the details of your technique and focus on the finer points of the dance. You can get instant feedback from Hernan so that any mistakes or bad habits can be immediately corrected and prevented from becoming further ingrained. This also means that you will be able to learn new combinations more quickly and accurately.

Lessons are offered in different packages:

  • 1 hour = 140$ cad
  • 5 hours package = 650$ cad
  • 10 hours package = 1100$ cad
  • 20 hours package = 1970$ cad
  • Dance with Hernan (choreography package) = 1970$ cad (15 hours)
10 and 20 hours package can be paid in two installments.

What students are saying

About Hernan

  • Born in Buenos Aires, he is the 4th generation of tango dancer in my family
  • He started dancing tango with my sister at the age of 10
  • Since 2005, he traveled around the world, teaching and performing in festivals and theatres
  • Broadway star of the renown show Forever Tango
  • Co-founder & Artistic director of Tango Show
  • He has 27 years of experience in argentine tango (social and stage).
  • Living currently in Montréal, he is RQD member as a teacher, choreographer and performer.

Group classes

Group classes are given during special events. Subscribe to stay tune about the group classes and special events organized!

Youtube Channel PRO - TIPs

Unlock the secrets to Argentine Tango success with Hernan's FREE content on Tango Show YouTube. Enjoy a wealth of nice and practical tips that will help you dance like a pro in no time!
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