Since 2002, Concerts aux Îles du Bic brings together, under the sign of friendship, professional and emerging artists for unique concerts. The musicians, gathered in ephemeral chamber music ensembles, perform famous or unpublished works in the enchanting setting of the Bic Islands. The meeting of talented performers, combined with the magnificence of the place and the proximity of nature, make the distinction of Concerts at Îles du Bic among chamber music festivals in Quebec.

Step back in time and celebrate the life of tango icon Astor Piazzolla with the exotic cabaret show "Salut, Astor". At the heart of the program it was Denis Plante’s exquisite bandoneon sound and the gorgeous Quatuor Saint-Germain.

Tango Show was mandated to bring the show alive through artful tango dancing, creating a stunning performance. Alongside performers Hernan Lazart and Marina Mauri spectators were transported to a real night out on Buenos Aires.

Beginning its legacy almost two decades ago at Concerts aux Îles du Bic each performance promises an immersive celebration unlike any other. The audience embrace thrilling melodies never heard before amidst lush landscapes - what could be more magical?

Caroline Rodgers recently wrote an amazing article for LUDWIG VAN magazine, featuring her experience at a concert and all the beauty of it. Her impressions were captured so vividly that readers can almost feel they are there themselves! She wholeheartedly enjoyed every minute of this show.

Immerse yourself in this thought-provoking article - a delightful French read that will leave you feeling enlightened!

COMPTE-RENDU | Concerts aux Îles du Bic: un festival qui vaut le déplacement - Ludwig Van Montreal
J’ai eu le bonheur d’être invitée à assister aux deux derniers événements des Concerts aux Îles du Bic. De mémorables moment de musique.

Back in the day, Montreal welcomed Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla--the dynamic grandson of Astor Piazzolla--to its iconic Jazz Festival. Sharing a moment with him was certainly one to remember!

Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla and Marina Mauri - Le Studio TD (Montréal)

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