Engaging teenagers in learning Spanish can be a challenge, but what if there was a way to incorporate their interests into the process? Enter Tango Show's "Tango at School" activity, designed to make language learning fun and exciting. Offering one hour of tango class taught entirely in Spanish, as well as a demonstration by professionals, the activity is a unique way for students to connect with both the language and culture. Designed for teachers looking to engage their students in new ways trying something different and immersive, "Tango at School" offers an exciting opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

Visit www.tangoatschool.com to see the French website dedicated to Tango At School activity.

✨ So proud ✨ to be able to bring tango, spanish and culture to teens. Through our teaching and with the teens' passion for learning, we are so excited to provide an opportunity for them to explore other cultures, languages and dances that they may not have been able to learn otherwise 🙌🏻 #tangoatschool #danceitout #dance #tango #activeteens #tango #teens #dancetogether #lachine #tangolesson #tangoteens #coleccionar #TurismoResponsable #tangoargentino #artecriollo #artesanosargentinos #culturatradicional #arteargentino #pinturaargentina #turismocultural #argentinaturismo #historiaargentina #argentinadeayer #patrimonio #letrasargentinas #daretodance #culturaldance #CultureTime #SharingMyCulture

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It was a Thursday morning and the auditorium of Collège St-Anne at Lachine, a borough within the city of Montreal, was bustling with anticipation as Maria's Spanish class gathered for their special Tango At School activity. Maria had arranged for Hernan and Marina to come and perform something special for her students.

To the surprise of some, Hernan and Marina began speaking in Spanish! The teens were mesmerized by their Argentinian accent - a little different from the Cuban accent they were used to hearing from Maria. But they understood everything that Hernan and Marina said, which made them even more excited about what was coming next.

The teenagers were filled with excitement as they watched Hernan and Marina demonstrate the basic tango steps on stage. The class then broke into pairs where each student took turns leading while their partner followed along behind them practicing the basics of walking and listening to the music. Before long, they moved onto more complicated maneuvers like figure 8s and ganchos (hooks). Everyone in the room was having so much fun that even shy kids started bursting out laughing at times!

Finally it came time for everyone’s big moment: showing off what they learned on stage! Each couple made its way up front one-by-one as an eager crowd cheered. With every step, spin, or pose completed correctly cheers got louder until eventually everyone joined together for a standing ovation.
All too soon though, it came time for everyone to continue their school schedule...but not without taking a little bit of Argentina's culture with them forever!

Other benefits from learning the Tango Basics

Learning the basics of tango is the best way for young students to quickly and easily start getting some incredible physical, mental and social benefits. Perfecting steps to different music styles, along with maintaining balance between the partners, all add up to an exhilarating experience that leads to stronger bodies and minds.

As tango is a dialogue, learning the habit of open communication between partners is a key part of tango and can help young people to further develop their social skills. Other benefits include improved posture, balance and coordination as well as better concentration and discipline.

A diverse range of age groups can also participate!

Tango At School is not just limited to secondary students, but also open to children and adults of all ages. The range of participants adds to the diversity and excitement of the activity, allowing for a unique and inclusive experience.

The activity was also offered to little kids at kindergarten. The renown school FACE in downtown Montreal, invited Hernan and Marina for a funny introduction for 5-6 years old kids.

Look at these amazing kids go into tango moves for the first time in their lives! So cute all of them.

FACE school, downtown Montreal

And recently, the Department of Modern Languages of Cégep Montmorency host the activity and gave all the Spanish course students the wonderful opportunity to live the experience for the first time!

This time, the activity took place during 2 hours and included a theoretical presentation on the evolution of tango over the years, giving students the chance to familiarize themselves with the roots and origins of this fascinating dance.

The auditorium was packed with over a hundred students who all participated with enthusiasm. Approximately 20 students even got the chance to get on stage and try out the movements.


From Theory to Practice: Tango Takes Over Cégep Montmorency! 💃🏻🎓🕺🏻 Last Tuesday, we brought the passion and history of Argentine tango to the students at Cégep Montmorency. With our presentation on the evolution of this dance, we set the stage for an unforgettable two-hour experience where students learned to move, connect, and even speak Spanish! 🌟🇦🇷 #TangoAtSchool #MoveAndConnect #LearnSpanish #CegepMontmorency #tangoshow

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In conclusion: Montreal Students Find Excitement and Connection Through Tango

Tango is quickly becoming a popular choice among school-aged students in Montreal, as it provides linguistic, physical and social benefits. From physical exercise to interpersonal relationships, here are 4 reasons why tango is the new trend for students in this vibrant city!

1- Connect

A perfect activity for students to interact with each other.

2- Practice Spanish

Nothing better than practicing Spanish while having fun. Instructors give the Argentine tango class in Spanish and can translate into French or English when needed.

3- Move!

In this introduction to Argentine tango, students will learn how

  • to move together,
  • the Basic Step,
  • the most famous tango poses,
  • to listen to the music,
  • follow the rhythm

4- Have fun! 😀

We have been teaching Argentine tango school students since 2014 and year after year, it is fun and enthusiasm that reigns there!

Check out www.tangoatschool.com the French website dedicated to Tango At School activity.


Bring the activity to my institution! 🙏