Theaters in Buenos Aires host tango shows with stunning performances that aim to capture the energy and passion of traditional Argentine culture. The show begins with an exciting introduction that sets the tone for the evening with dancers, singers and musicians all dressed in classic Argentine costumery.

After this, guests are welcomed into the theater and taken through a highly interactive performance of traditional dances. Dancers demonstrate various styles of tango including milonga, vals, chacarera and more. Some of the most iconic tango shows with some of them with dinner included are : Piazzolla Tango, La Ventana, Tango Porteño, El Querandí, Señor Tango and El Viejo Almacén.

With theaters located across the city, visitors from all around the world can find a convenient venue at which to enjoy one of these events and soak up some of Argentinian culture.

But Montreal is not far behind! Theaters like Le Balcon located at the heart of Quartier des Spectacles, partnered with Tango Show, a company directed by the Argentinian Hernan Lazart (ex Broadway star and Piazzolla Tango choreagrapher and performer) and Marina Mauri to host a tango show similar to those in Buenos Aires.


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♬ original sound - TANGO SHOW

With many of the same elements and performers coming directly from Buenos Aires, Tango Show emphasize the importance of traditional Argentine music and dance in order to recreate an environment that mimics the vibrant atmosphere of the original.

Tango performers engage in both vigorous choreography and passionate solo acts, often joined by live musicians who accompany them with traditional instruments like bandoneon, guitar, cello, and piano.


It was an unforgettable tango night 🌙 💃🏻 at @lebalconcabaret in the heart of Quartier des Spectacles! Our full-length show with its talented musiciens, complete with a diner fit for a king 🤴🏻, had all our audience on the edge of their seat admiring every step 👠, rhythm 🎶 and note ♪ we took. It was simply magical ✨! #spectacle #montrealevents #downtownmtl #centrevillemontreal #tango #quartierdesspectacles #tangonight #show #dancers #legend #dance #night #tangoshow #spectaclemontreal #dansemontreal

♬ original sound - TANGO SHOW

Alongside this musical entertainment, audience members also get a chance to sample delicious traditional Argentinian cuisine while they take in the show around them.


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♬ original sound - TANGO SHOW

Audience members can also participate in interactive activities. The experience is further enhanced by a dancing period, when performers dance "TANGO NEGRO" from Juan Carlos Cáceres, the stage is transformed in a floor dance and guests are invited to dance with them. Everybody enjoy this immersive tango experience!

Artists inviting the audience to dance during a show can create an immersive experience that transcends the typical spectator-performer dynamic. This is especially true when it comes to the Argentine tango, a dance that demands intimacy and connection between partners.

Argentine tango dancers are experts at inviting the audience to participate in the dance during our shows, allowing them to feel the music and connect with them in a way that is both exhilarating and authentic. By breaking down the fourth wall and inviting the audience onto the dance floor, these artists create a unique experience that transports the audience to the heart of Argentine tango culture.

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